New EEE PC Launched

After the first release of EEE PC in the market there was a sudden demand for the products of this category. The sales figures of EEE PC, all over the world is the proof of the consumer demand. In Uk only EEE PC 4G reached the 1 million mark and it got a tremendous response from others countries also where it was launched. Targeted for school kids, children and for people who just needed to surf internet, this product from Asus found it alternate uses. This product quickly became hot favorite of the people who were in the field of computer security, pen testing and hacking because they now didn't need to carry bulky laptop to carry out networking auditing. Different people have different reasons to adore it, so Asus has also launched a upgraded model of EEE PC 900 which has a full 40 Gb hard disk as compared to only 4 Gb of hard disk that 4G had. Also the screen size has increased from 7 inch to 9.5 inch and it is available with two flavors:- Linux ,Windows XP versions.

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