BYOC Summer 2011 ! (Bring your own computer)

In 2011 Summer, a new fresh look & format of BYOC will be seen. a never-seen-before video gaming experience for Indian gamers. Awesome tournaments with incredible prizes.

Enjoy 60 Hours of non stop Gaming.

Mark your calendars, gear up your rigs, and hone your skills--it's time for BYOC™ !

Where: TBD

When: June 24 - 26, 2011 (Friday morning to Sunday evening)


This years's game tournaments will provide all kind of gamers somethng to look forward to. Here we collect the best from the team vs team, player vs player and console gaming. It is a mixture of old classis and new games. The game competitions starts on Friday and ends on Sunday


Counter Strike 1.6
Call of Duty 4


Tekken 6

General rules for ALL tournaments:

Rights to participate

Participants with valid ticket for the BYOC Summer 2011 have the right to participate in the games competitions.
All who wish to participate must register at the Tour registration desk before Friday 2.00 PM.
Members of the crew are allowed to participate subject to certain conditions.

Prizes and ceremony

It is mandatory to show up on the award ceremony on Sunday for anyone who wins something at BYOC. This applies to all contests. Players or teams that do not show up may lose part or all of their prize.
BYOC has the right to remove parts of the prizes for a tournament if it is to few participants in the tournament.

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