Google out with Video and voice chat for Gmail

Google let loose their video chat to the masses. If your account doesn’t have the option yet, Google promises within a day or so you will. The new option for video is very simple and many users are wondering, how does this differ from other online video services like Skype?

Skype is a full-featured video calling program. It is easiest to think of Gmail voice and chat as augmenting their instant messaging chat rather than something completely new. One of the biggest differences is Gmail’s version only allows video chatting with other Gmail users who have downloaded the plug in (about 2MB). With Skype, users are allowed to contact both online and offline numbers, albeit for a fee. There is not an option to go offline with Gmail voice and chat.

Businesses dig Skype’s ability to conference in multiple users. Users won’t be enjoying this feature on the Gmail version as this capability does not exist (yet). Gmail only allows one to one communication.

Skype has a lot of fun features other than just placing the call such as voice recording. Again, Gmail keeps it simple and plain, as with everything they do. No voice recording is available.

While the addition is welcome and everyone loves something more for free, it should not be mistaken for the real deal by a serious Skype user.
To download the Gmail video and voice chat plugin just click here and it will automatically install and integrate with yor gmail account.

Once you install the plugin, to start a video chat, just click on the "Video & more" menu at the bottom of your Gmail chat window, and choose "Start video chat." You'll have a few seconds to make sure you look presentable while it's ringing, and then you'll see and hear your friend live, right from within Gmail. You can click the "pop-out" icon to make the video larger, or click the full screen icon in the upper left-hand corner