Wooden Laptop Concept by Fujitsu

Japanese laptop vendor Fujitsu asserts its environmental awareness by releasing a wooden laptop. The "WoodShell" PC adopts cedar wood and bio-based plastics for its housing.

Innovative Wooden Laptop from FujitsuNotebook vendor Asus - the company that brought us leather-bound laptops - has already announced a line of eco-friendly bamboo-covered laptops for all environmentalists out there. Now it seems that Fujitsu is jumping on the eco-bandwagon as well. Their new creation is called WoodShell, but instead of bamboo it's covered in cedar wood and uses bio-based plastics for other parts.

Fujitsu's wooden laptop is only available in Japan at the moment, and it's unclear whether the company plans to launch it globally. According to Fujitsu, however, this is "the prototype PC that is not merely an environmentally friendly tool but an object of enduring style and utility."

I'm not so sure about the "style" part, but otherwise it might be a step in the right direction for an industry that seems to lag behind on environmental policies. What's actually inside the thing is a bit of a mystery, but hopefully it's not the most heat-generating components available (or is it chemically treated?)

The WoodShell laptop was showcased at Japan Design 2008 alongside another, more conventional-looking, but still eco-friendly laptop called the FMV BIBLO NX. The latter is built from corn-based plastic instead of the more common, petrochemical-based materials.

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